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Bacon Dove Poppers: Wild Game Snacks No One Can Resist

Simple and delicious, these bacon dove poppers will be one of your favorite wild game meals, we promise.

Dove hunting rolls around every September and man is it a good time. With a 15 dove limit a day for most states, a good week of hunting will leave you with a good amount of fresh organic dove meat.

This great dove popper recipe not only is delicious, but it provides a larger meal which will make that meat last longer. Follow these steps and enjoy!

Ingredients and Supplies

  • dove breast (sliced from bone, 1 bird=2 pieces)
  • green pepper
  • cream cheese
  • package of bacon
  • toothpicks
  • choice of seasoning


Step 1

Now that you have all your ingredients at hand, you are ready to prepare this masterpiece. Take your pepper and remove the core. Simply cut around the core at the top of the pepper's stem.

Use your knife to cut along the natural lines that run vertical on the pepper to where the pieces form little pepper cups. Clean out the seeds and cut off any excess parts you don't want.

When done, the peppers should look like this below.


Step 3

Now that your peppers are cut, take your cream cheese and begin to fill the peppers with the desired amount of cream cheese, usually a spoonful.


For this meal, I cut a few of the larger pepper pieces in half because I had more dove breast than I had peppers.

Step 4

With the peppers stuffed with cream cheese and the dove breast all cut up, it is time to bust out the bacon!

Depending on how long your pieces of bacon are, you may use one piece for each popper or you may cut the pieces of bacon in half. In this case, I used one full piece of bacon for each popper.

Lay out your bacon and then place the cream cheese filled peppers on top. Then place one piece of dove on top of each pepper.


Now your work is starting to look like something.


Step 5

Since your bacon has all the needed pieces on it, tightly wrap it around the dove and peppers.

Once the bacon is tightly wrapped, take a toothpick and stick it through the top. Make sure it punctures through the bacon on top, the dove meat, the pepper, as well as the end of the bacon on the bottom.

This will hold everything in place and make flipping the poppers on the grill a much more efficient and hassle free process.


They look delicious at this point, but do your best to refrain from eating!

Step 6

Next, fire up that grill to about medium heat. This is the point in time where you can get creative and spice up the poppers how you like.

Through experimenting, I have found a few seasonings that I like best. In my opinion, as well as those I have cooked for, a must for this meal is a sprinkle of garlic salt, but to each his own.


Along with the garlic salt, sprinkling some Cajun spice really brings it all together. Don't worry if you don't like spicy foods, a little bit of this will not be hot. Sprinkle it on a few of them just to see if you like it.

But, feel free to try different things and come up with your own perfect combination.


Now that the grill is fired up and heated, toss the poppers on and let let them slow cook. Each person likes their meat done differently and this meal doesn't differ. I have had people who love these things burnt to the crisp, and I have had some who prefer them a bit under cooked with chewy bacon.


Just periodically check them until you think they are at the perfect point for eating for you.

Step 7

And finally...the best step. Your work is complete and it is time for you to devour this delicious preparation.

These poppers are downright mouthwatering and they always seem to taste better when you know you harvested them yourself from God's great grocery store.


From field to plate, we hope you enjoy this great recipe. Let us know what you think!

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Bacon Dove Poppers: Wild Game Snacks No One Can Resist