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This is What a Backyard Full of Baby Foxes Looks Like [VIDEO]

baby foxes

Most people think of a fox invasion as a bad thing, but when you have a backyard full of baby foxes, it can be fun!

The word “invasion” itself almost always has a negative connotation associated with it. But invasions are not always a bad thing. Sometimes invasions can be adorable.

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That point is proven with the amazing video that Kenneth Chan managed to capture on camera after dark, watching these four baby gray foxes play around in his backyard. They spend their nights exploring their new world and discovering all sorts of things which are new to them.

This is an invasion that is not that bad.


Of course we do have to keep in mind that those babies will grow up to become predators and then the fact that there are a large number of them in one area will become quite a nuisance, if not outright dangerous.

But hopefully, they will all manage to move on into a more wild area before that time comes and Chan can remember them for the fun little furry creatures they are now.

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This is What a Backyard Full of Baby Foxes Looks Like [VIDEO]