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Backpacking Toddler Walks More Than 300 Miles... And He's Only 2 [PICS]

Rock climbing with his parents, camping in America's national parks and hiking more than 300 miles, Bodhi Bennett has done a lot at such a young age.


Bodhi Bennett has an appetite for adventure. At just two years old, the backpacking toddler from Mammoth Lakes in California has seen more of the United States than most folks 10 times his age.

As the Daily Mail reports, the backpacking parents of Bodhi, Shannon and Blake Bennett, started taking their son on their adventures when he was just five days old. Since then the toddler has visited 40 states and more than half of America's 59 national parks.

Before reaching the age of two, Bodhi had already attempted a 5.8-rated crack climb in California's Rock Creek Canyon and hiked more than 300 miles of trail with his parents.

Bodhi's mom started documenting their adventures on Instagram, attracting thousands of followers on his non-traditional upbringing. Shannon Bennett, who is nine months pregnant with their second child, told the paper that doing the same things before having children was very important to her and her husband.

We had heard so many times that children change your life completely and you can no longer do those fun things you did when you were younger. But Bodhi climbs everything and really enjoys mimicking what we do.

View the slideshow to see pictures of Bodhi the backpacking toddler in action.

All images via Daily Mail/Caters

Bodhi Bennet embarks on a hiking trip with his parents.

It's not all about hiking, as Bodhi attempts some climbing at Happy Boulders in California

Bodhi and his mother at McGee Creek Canyon in the Sierra Nevadas.

Enjoying the view with mom and Marley the dog at Garnet Lake, California.

Bodhi's father Blake takes in the scenery at Garnet Lake, California with his son.

A shot from Rock Creek Canyon of Bodhi and his mother Shannon, who is pregnant with their second child.

Crossing a creek in Sky Meadows, Virginia.

Bodhi hikes the perimeter of Thousand Island Lake, in California, which is 3,000 m above sea level.

More climbing, this time at Iris Slab in Rock Creek Canyon, California.

Mother and son celebrate reaching the top of Tioga Peak in California.

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Backpacking Toddler Walks More Than 300 Miles... And He's Only 2 [PICS]