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‘Backcountry’ is the Outdoorsman’s Horror Film [VIDEO]

The new film ‘Backcountry’ is the horror film that every outdoorsman will relate to. 

The new movie “Backcountry” doesn’t have supernatural ghosts or evil spirits.

No, “Backcountry” is a real-life horror film of how freaking scary the backcountry can be.


Supposedly this film is based on a true story. In the film, Alex and Jenn go on a camping trip. Alex is trying to impress Jenn by being the ultimate woodsman. But things go sour fast and start to spiral out of control.

This movie will make everyone scared of the woods.

Hopefully it won’t hurt the outdoor business because this movie looks like it will make people terrified of spending the night in nature.

I wonder if ocean-related products’ sales suffered when “Jaws” was released because “Backcountry” is going to be its equivalent.

“Backcountry” will be released in select theaters March 20.

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‘Backcountry’ is the Outdoorsman’s Horror Film [VIDEO]