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Backcountry Idaho Elk Hunt Yields a Great Bull

This backcountry Idaho elk hunt is one these hunters won't soon forget.

While chasing backcountry Idaho elk, they got sidetracked when they spotted, stalked, and killed a nice mule deer buck. With the buck taken care of, they're back after big bulls. The first few days of hunting are tough, but by packing into an area further from the road, the hunters find elk -- a lot of them.

Watch the video to see how the hunt played out for yourself.

We're reminded time and time again that staying positive and persistent, even when the hunting gets tough, will help fill more tags. However, it's not always easy to keep the right mindset when things aren't going your way.

Having a hunting partner with the right attitude certainly helps, as does experience and confidence in your hunting ability. The key is to keep trying and remember that it only takes a minute to kill a big buck or bull, you just never know which minute it will be.


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Backcountry Idaho Elk Hunt Yields a Great Bull