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Backcountry Communication with Remi Warren

Understanding different options for backcountry communication is essential if you are looking at taking an off the beaten path hunting or camping trip.

Being in the backcountry can be an extremely rewarding experience. Sleeping out beneath the stars miles away from the nearest road allows you to experience nature in its purity.

We are extremely fortunate previous generations had the foresight to set aside wild lands for all to enjoy. For those who hear a persistent voice to see these places, slipping into some reclusive spot is like medicine for the soul.

The backcountry can also be a lonely place. Being separated from family and friends can be anxious times. Worry can occur by those at home and those out in the wild.  To ease this stress, businesses have recently made strides in backcountry communication.

Watch this brief video as Remi Warren offers up his advice on backcountry communication devices.

If anybody is qualified to give advice on backcountry communication it is Remi Warren. His career as a TV show host, accomplished hunter and guide, and backcountry specialist makes him an expert on the subject.

Another expert on backcountry hunting is Cameron Hanes. Several years ago Hanes published a book titled Backcountry Bowhunting: A Guide to the Wild Side. In it he talks about the factors that lead to failure while back in the mountains. For some people the physical side of the game will send them home early. The mountains offer a physical test many are unprepared for.

For others the test is psychological. Not seeing game, or lack of game, can get people feeling the blues and heading home early. Some folks battle the psychological aspect of separation from the family.

Separation from spouse and kids can get your mind whirling in a hurry if you let it. Personally, separation of family can make long outings difficult. I remember one trip in particular where one simple five minute call alleviated my worries. In the middle of an 80-mile multi day mountain trip, that relief was invaluable.

The satellite phone and Spot Messengers are both great products. In my house we’ve chosen to go with the DeLorme InReach satellite communicator. As Remi mentioned, this backcountry communication device allows two way texting communication as well as other notable features.

This handy piece of technology might also be a good option for someone close to civilization. If your phone causes too much distraction for you on stand, it might be worth considering. With one of these you could still be in touch, but would eliminate the temptation your phone might offer.

Next time you head into the backcountry, make sure to have some sort of backcountry communication device handy. It could potentially save your life, or simply ease your mind. Both are worth the money in my book.



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Backcountry Communication with Remi Warren