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Backcountry Bear Recipe with the Meateater

Try this backcountry bear recipe after bagging your bear this season.

Eating wild game is half the appeal for many hunters. Thoughts of venison steaks, battered fish, and smoked turkey can get your mouth watering in a hurry. Sometimes preparing these meals in the backcountry can be a bit more difficult. Not in the case of this backcountry bear recipe.

Watch as Steve Rinella shows off his simple yet delicious backcountry bear recipe.

This simple meal takes very little to prepare. A little bear fat, bear meat, a fire, and a pot are all that are required. Then, simply enjoy.

Rinella has also posted some solid information about bear meat. The taste of bear meat varies widely depending on its diet. They tend to take on the taste of what they have been eating. In the video you heard him reference “blueberry bear meat.” Had he been hunting a different region it could easily have been “dead-stuff bear meat.” Not as appealing as you can tell.

According to Rinella, eating coastal bears is dicey at best. He’ll only hunt fish eating coastal bears in the early spring months. After that he claims they tend to get into too much carrion and take on that taste.

Steve Rinella also expresses how his favorite bear meat is from inland bear. In his opinion the best bear come from inland high alpine locations. These bear have mostly been dining on berries and other grasses. He also identified October as the best time of year for bear meat. If you are lucky enough to get into an October bear you’ll get pounds and pounds of bear meat, as well as coveted bear fat.

In the backcountry, or in the kitchen, this backcountry bear recipe is sure to be a hit. So long as you were wise about which bear you shot.



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Backcountry Bear Recipe with the Meateater