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Back to Basics: How to Do a European Skull Mount


It doesn’t get much more classic then one European skull mount.

Sometimes, it’s just better to do things yourself, and unless you’re skilled in the art of taxidermy, preserving your trophy can be expensive and the wait can be quite long for the finished product.

Get back to basics and watch how to correctly prepare a european skull mount in less than 24 hours.

Whether displayed in a hunting cabin or on a book shelf in your home, European skull mounts are one of the most classic ways to display any set of antlers. Though there are many plastic skull alternatives available to mount your latest set of antlers to, taking the time to correctly prepare the real skull can be far more attractive to look at, and to talk about.

As the video pointed out, taking your time to slowly breakdown the meat inside of the skull will result in a much stronger end result. Remember that parts of the skull aren’t as tough as you might imagine and breaking some bones can happen if not done correctly.

If you’re planning on hanging your European skull on the wall, Skull Hooker makes an excellent wall bracket with an easy setup to display your trophy.


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Back to Basics: How to Do a European Skull Mount