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Why Have a Bachelor Party When You Can Have a Bearchelor Party?

This hunter is celebrating his upcoming nuptials with a bearchelor party in the backcountry.

What's a bearchelor party you ask? Simple. It's when you get a group of buddies together for a pre-wedding hunting trip that targets Montana black bears. Sounds like fun right?

Watch the video to see how the bearchelor party went and if this hunter was as successful on the hunt as he hopes to be in his marriage.

That bearchelor party looked like a lot of fun. Not only did this fella get to spend some time in the backcountry with some of his buddies, one of them was able to harvest a nice black bear.

One of the best parts about hunting black bears is that there is a hunt to suit any individual. Baiting, running hounds, calling, and driving bears are all effective tactics, but in the area these guys were hunting, their spot and stalk tactic works the best.

If you've never given black bear hunting a try, do some research and figure out what type of hunt would most interest you and best suit your hunting style and physical capabilities. Then get out there and harvest a big bruin that will look as good on the wall as it does on the dinner table.


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Why Have a Bachelor Party When You Can Have a Bearchelor Party?