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You Gotta Get on Baby Tarpon Fly Fishing Via Kayaks

Who knew fly fishing for baby tarpon in Homossassa, Fla. could be so good?

Baby tarpon fishing in Homossassa, Fla. is something most people overlook. With some of the largest tarpon on record moving through the area during the general tarpon migration, most anglers cruise right past the smaller juvenile tarpon that live in the rivers systems nearby.

Check out this great highlight video featuring some great action while searching for these great fish via kayak.

All of us at Backwater Fly Fishing love the idea of creeping through tight areas via kayak looking for any chance at one of these fish. When targeting baby tarpon it is important to look for areas that feature backwater lagoon or canal systems. These areas work as hatchery areas for the smaller tarpon and snook.

Baby tarpon do just fine in freshwater. With the ability to rise to the surface and breath air when the oxygen levels in the water get low, these fish can be found just about anywhere.

If you would like more information on landing these fish in the waters of Central Florida, feel free to shoot us an email.


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You Gotta Get on Baby Tarpon Fly Fishing Via Kayaks