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Baby Sea Lion Boards Night Diver’s Kayak [VIDEO]

An unexpected stowaway boards a night diver’s kayak as he begins to return to shore.

We’re not brave enough to venture out into the dark water, but definitely hold a high level of respect for those that do.

Experiencing the water that we obsess over day in and day out in its most private hours is something we’d be interested in doing once, but probably not for a hobby. Call it a fear of the dark, call it claustrophobia, but dark water has just never been our cup of tea. Lucky for us there are brave souls out there who love exploring the unknown, and because of that (and GoPros) we’re able to experience the ocean at night without leaving the comfort of our homes.

The following video was uploaded by Rick Coleman, a man who has an extreme passion for night diving and a pretty incredible YouTube channel full of other videos of his adventures. During the five minute video he gives some commentary about what’s going on, but added this in the description as well:

At the end of a night dive I had quite the surprise when a very cute baby sea lion jumped on my kayak. Was the sea lion pup escaping a shark in the area? Was he cold? Or was he just playing around? In any case,it looks like I now have a new kayaking buddy. Filmed with GoPro HD Hero2 and GoPro dive housing.

If you spot an injured or sick marine animal in Southern California you can contact Marine Animal Rescue at (310) 455-272. Their website is

Like Rick said, it’s hard to say why this baby sea lion jumped onto his kayak, but judging by the ending we’re happy to say it looks like he was just looking for a buddy to hang out with for a while. Watch the video below to see the action.

Baby Sea Lion Boards Night Diver’s Kayak

Such a cute little guy, right?

We’re thankful that Rick did not attempt to pet or grab the baby sea lion, which shows his understanding and respect for the wildlife that lives in the waters he enjoys so much. Doing so may have resulted in stress for the small animal that may have been fleeing from a shark or other predator, though Rick does note at the end of the video that once he had some time to hang out on shore and get warm he was right back in the water again.

Regardless of the reasoning behind the seal’s stowaway mission, we’re just glad that it was caught on tape.

Have you ever had an animal board your vessel? Do you think this sea lion was fleeing from a shark? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Baby Sea Lion Boards Night Diver’s Kayak [VIDEO]