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Baby Moose Gets Stuck and Needs Thorough Rescue Operation [VIDEO]

We present "Baby Moose Gets Stuck in Fence."

In some places, moose are are as commonplace in towns as ordinary people walking down the street. So it's no wonder that every now and then they get trapped in obstacles, such as swings and wire fences. This instance involved a baby moose who tried to jump a small house fence, but got its two front hooves stuck in the top planks. A bystander alerted the homeowner that he had something unusual stuck in his side gate. Here's what he said about the incident.

"Somehow the words 'there's a moose stuck in your fence' doesn't register on the brain the way you'd think," he said in the video's description. "You get around the corner to see two hooves sticking out of the fence, and on the other side, the longest, distressed little face, with the biggest brown eyes ever seen."

The homeowner and another man worked quickly to set the poor bugger free. Watch the video to see what happened.

We don't know where the video was filmed, but it was uploaded to YouTube last February.

Moose are strong jumpers, and this little guy was probably just trying out his leaping abilities.

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Baby Moose Gets Stuck and Needs Thorough Rescue Operation [VIDEO]