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Baby Iguana Outruns Literally Dozens of Hungry Snakes

planet earth 2

This teaser clip from Planet Earth 2 is guaranteed to amaze and delight—and might be the coolest thing they’ve filmed yet!

You have to hand it to the creative minds behind Planet Earth. The stunning footage they capture is nothing shy of spectacular, and they have delighted us with the most incredible wildlife captures since the first release back in 2006. But this teaser clip for Planet Earth 2 just might take the cake as the best documentary footage ever.

Talk about a chase scene! This one shows a baby iguana, born on an island that seems overrun with ravenous snakes, and his high-energy dash to get past them all to the safety of higher ground. Does this little guy have it in him?

Were you rooting for the little guy to make it? I know I was. If that clip is any indication of what the newest installment will be like, we’re in for one wild ride!

Watch for Planet Earth 2 to premiere in the US January 28 on BBC America.


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Baby Iguana Outruns Literally Dozens of Hungry Snakes