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Do You Love Smoothies? Baby Hippos Do, Too

Watching these baby hippos drink smoothies is enough to make your heart melt.

Staring two baby hippos, 20-month-old Emma and six-month-old Molly, this BBC clip illustrates the endearing sweetness of these massive animals as they enjoy smoothies from host Lucy.

Check out how much these baby hippos love freshly-prepared smoothies in this fun clip.

As you just saw that veggie smoothie was very much enjoyed by Molly and Emma. These baby hippos know what they like.

This story it just one of many that brings to light a side of hippos that the general public doesn’t get to normally see. Like Lucy said, hippos are known as the deadliest animal in all of Africa. This mainly due to the fact that they are extremely ferocious when attacked.

Keep this video in mind next time you’re in Africa and happen across a couple of baby hippos. All you need is some smoothies and a loving touch, but still be warned that hippos can be very aggressive if they feel threatened.



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Do You Love Smoothies? Baby Hippos Do, Too