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Baby Grey Whale Almost Beaches Itself While Catching Waves

Filmed at Newport Beach, this video captures a baby grey whale in the process of beaching itself.

Typically whales don't get beached unless they are dead or very sick, but this baby grey whale is neither.

Watch as the baby grey whale in this video swims a bit too close to shore and almost gets beached.

Joe Medina, a regular at the beach, had this to say about the baby grey whale, "At first I thought it was a dead body, 'cause it was floating in the surf and it looked black like a wet suit."

Many can share in Medina's surprise as this is not a typical day at the beach. Whales are usually in much deeper water and it's lucky Medina got out of the water when he did, he told reporters,"If I had taken the wave after the one I caught, I could have been taken out by that whale."

Keep this video in mind next time you're at the beach, because you definitely don't want to get crushed by a whale even if it's a baby.


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Baby Grey Whale Almost Beaches Itself While Catching Waves