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This Little Fawn Just Wanted to Go on a Kayak Ride

fawn in kayak

Good thing for this fawn that long green thing in the water was a man in a kayak and not an alligator.

Each spring more videos and pictures begin surfacing of people taking fawns from what they believe are stranded and left for dead. More times than not these fawns are just hiding from predators.

But what happens when a fawn follows you around as your head out on a kayak trip and jumps in to join you? That's what appears to happen to these two guys as they headed out on a recent kayak trip.

Towards the end of the video he describes what happens and says they were just kayaking down the waterway when he and his buddy spotted a fawn. At first they thought it was cute as it began swimming towards them but then it became so close and the water too deep he became concerned for it's safety.

He then placed the fawn in his kayak and brought it back to shore. The fawn made it's way to lay down but as the two gentlemen tried to leave, it made it's way back out to them in the water. Soon they were be able to head downstream and the fawn would remain on the bank as they left.

What would you do in this situation? Were they right in helping the fawn back to shore or should they never have touched the fawn to begin with?

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This Little Fawn Just Wanted to Go on a Kayak Ride