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Baby Elephant Urgently Needs to Get Back with His Mom

With time running out they try their best to reintroduce this baby elephant back to the herd. They think they’ve done it, but there’s a hitch in the road.

Wildlife expert Dr. Jake Veasey tried to reunite a Vietnamese baby elephant with its herd. The baby, which they named “Gold”, became separated from its family when it fell into a well dug by illegal loggers.

Upon finding the baby, Veasey and his team kept it alive by feeding it baby formula meant for humans. Then, in a desperate attempt to reconnect the baby with its mother, they bring it to a location where a herd of elephants – probably Gold’s herd – is traveling close by.

Illegal logging is a significant problem in Vietnam and their first attempt is foiled by loggers working the area. Upon trying again they believe that they are successful, only to find out some twelve hours later that Gold is again stranded and alone. Unfortunately, the window for rejoining his herd appears to have closed for the small elephant.

The elephants in Vietnam are in critical condition, what with dwindling habitat and conflict with loggers. There are thought to be less than 100 Vietnamese elephants left in the wild.

Their attempts proven unsuccessful, they took Gold back to the sanctuary still under construction, in an effort to find the little fellow a surrogate mother. Veasey will try to connect the baby to a cow elephant used in the tourist industry, as those animals often have strong maternal instincts. Here’s hoping for the best for Gold.

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Baby Elephant Urgently Needs to Get Back with His Mom