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Baby Elephant Falls, Mom Comes to the Rescue [VIDEO]

This baby elephant takes a tumble at a Swiss zoo, sending its mother and some other helpful adults running.

Humans aren’t the only ones who are worried new parents. When this young elephant slips and falls on his back inside his enclosure, several adult elephants rush over, trumpeting with apparent concern.

They quickly right the little guy and march him away from the area, keeping him close to the group. Fortunately, the baby elephant seems unhurt after his fall, although it’s likely he’ll only be allowed to play where his mom can see him for a while.

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This behavior is touching, but not out of character, as elephants make for especially doting mothers. They have a gestation period of more than a year and a half, the longest pregnancy of any other mammal, and mothers stay in constant touch with their calves, with the relationship lasting 50 years or more.

This rescue also shows elephants‘ incredible ability to cooperate and work as a community to raise their young and respond to emergencies.

With global elephant populations threatened, this video is a moving reminder of how much we share with the earth’s largest land mammal, and the importance of us doing our own part to save them.

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Baby Elephant Falls, Mom Comes to the Rescue [VIDEO]