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Baby Charges Young Deer With Stick, They Become Best Buds [VIDEO]

A toddler and a young deer have a playful clash in this video.

YouTube user Kevin Hamblin posted the video on February 14. In the video description, he explained the story behind the friendly deer and the baby.

Hamblin said he found the young deer trying to jump a highway fence after it's mother was killed in a car wreck. His wife, whom he calls the "Wildlife Whisperer," hand fed the deer back to health, and later released it into a wild herd.

Now, the deer comes back to Hamblin's property every four to five days when the herd passes through their property. It plays with his dogs and his two-year-old son, who nicknamed the deer "Baaaaby."

In the video you'll see Hamblin's son playfully charge the deer with a stick, and get bumped back to the ground by the playful deer.

Hamblin also said Baaaaby thinks he's one of the dogs. When neighbors walked by his property on the road, the dogs would run up to the fence and start barking. Baaaaby was always right there with them.

"People would stop in amazement and confusion why a deer was running with a pack of dogs. Wish I had that on video!" Hamblin said on his YouTube page.

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Would you let your young child get that close to a deer?

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Baby Charges Young Deer With Stick, They Become Best Buds [VIDEO]