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Baby Black Swans Rescued from Dangerous Floodwaters

A wildfowl warden in England undertook a daring rescue of baby black swans. 

As flooding ripped through Dawlish in Devon, UK, people gathered to watch the wildfowl warden do what he does best: protect his wards.

This incredible video caught the rescue on film.

As their nesting hole, which normally is a safe space, was filling with water, the warden was called to perform a daring rescue.

This flock of black swans is famous in the area for being the town’s little family. The newest members almost met their fate as they were too young to fly away.

This genre of swan was brought over from Australia to the town almost a century ago and have since won a special place in people’s hearts. Shout out to this brave wildfowl warden who saved the day!



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Baby Black Swans Rescued from Dangerous Floodwaters