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Baby Bear Zens out with Some Tai Chi Moves

Harry Eggens/IFL Science

Yes, maybe this photographer just caught this baby Eurasian brown bear just trying to stand up, but it is more fun to think it’s practicing tai chi. 

Dutch photographer Harry Eggens was taking pictures of a Eurasian brown bear family in northeastern Finland near the Russian border when the little one started making moves.

Bear-cup-appears-to-perform-Tai-Chai (3)

It either looks like it is picking a fight or just trying to steady itself as it tries to stand on its hind legs. The mother bear looks on, criticizing its form, then could really care less.

Bear-cup-appears-to-perform-Tai-Chai (2)

But the baby bear finds its groove.


And then it really is in its own world. The mother is still not entertained.

“Be a bear, son. Get back on four legs; you’re not impressing anyone.”

But maybe the little bear doesn’t care because he has reached enlightenment with his tai chi.


There are about 100,000 Eurasian brown bears throughout Europe and Asia. These numbers have recovered since almost being wiped out from trophy hunting around the turn of the century. But the species is still threatened by loss of habitat and it is estimated that only two percent of the population live in the forests they were born in.

Photos via Harry Eggens/IFL Science


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Baby Bear Zens out with Some Tai Chi Moves