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Why Baby Animals Are Cute [PICS]

It may be no accident that some baby animals are cute and others aren’t.

Konrad Lorenz, an Australian zoologist during the mid 20th century, proposed a theory as to why human infants are so “cute.” When adults see the precious and adorable faces of those helpless little ones, we are naturally attracted to them. Their defenseless and innocence draws us to help and to take care of them, while the same could be said about kittens or puppies.

Group of pets: kitten and puppy on a raw

It seems that the baby animals that need the most assistance might just be cuter and more cuddly as an instinctive draw to animals and humans alike. While those that can survive on their own from birth, such as alligators or lizards, just aren’t as appealing in looks. Daniel Kruger of the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health has proposed there may be a correlation.

Baby alligator


Kindchenschema or “baby schema” has become more pronounced in humans as the internet has evolved with the unlimited supply of pictures you can find of baby animals. Some research already done through Kruger’s program rates animals that still need parental care as cuter compared to animals that do not.

“This might just be the beginning of an entire research program,” Kruger says.

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Why Baby Animals Are Cute [PICS]