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Baby Albino Snapping Turtle Found in Massachusetts Pool

albino snapping turtle

An Albino snapping turtle was found in a Massachusetts pool. 

The Massachusetts Environmental Police made an awesome discovery in a swimming pool this week, a baby albino snapping turtle.

The tiny white turtle was discovered with one of a more normal coloration south of Boston in a pool in Lakeville.  The agency posted a photo of the two tiny turtles on their Facebook page. "Due to their low chance of survivability in the wild, the hatchlings have been turned over to a specialist trained in the care and rehabilitation of reptiles," the post said.


The two tiny turtles were believed to be just a couple days old, a dangerous time in any turtle's life, especially for an albino.

"They are the most vulnerable because they are so small, and all kinds of things will eat them," MassWildlife spokeswoman Marion Larson told the Boston Globe. "When you are that small, you are much more likely to be eaten - size matters."

Initially the Environmental Police believed the normal-colored turtle might have been melanistic, a condition just as rare as albinism, but one that causes darker skin or hair pigmentation. However that wasn't the case here.

"That's what they look like when they have just emerged from the nest," Larson said.

She also told the news organization that an albino snapping turtle is a pretty rare and unusual event. Albino turtles of any kind are certainly rare, but they do happen. An albino green sea turtle made big news back in February when it was spotted on an Australian beach.

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Baby Albino Snapping Turtle Found in Massachusetts Pool