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B.A.S.S. Announces All-State High School Fishing Team


The 12 All-Americans will be selected from the B.A.S.S. All-State team members.

High School students in 10th through 12th grade with a 2.5 GPA are eligible for All-State nomination by a parent, coach, teacher or school official. The student must also excel in angling, academics and conservation awareness. Out of more than 200 nominations, 57 student anglers were selected for the All-State Fishing Team. These students collectively represent 33 states.

Hank Weldon, manager for the B.A.S.S. High School program said These qualifiers are helping shape the future of the sport, one high school at a time, we are excited to showcase the academic and all-around attributes of our high school members through this new initiative.”

12 B.A.S.S. All-Americans will be chosen from the All-State team members based on their individual success in high school fishing tournaments and involvement in conservation efforts and other community service activities.

The 2015 B.A.S.S. BassFest is one of nine Elite Series events for the year. The final 12 All-American team members will be coached by Elite Series anglers during a one-day competition on Lake Barley, Tennessee that is scheduled for June 6.

States that are not represented include: AK, CT, DE, HI, ID, IN, ME, MA, MI, ND, NV, NJ, OH, OR, RI, WI, WY. Of the remaining states, AZ, FL, NC, NE, NY, NM, OK, SD and WA had only one All-State student each while all the other represented states had two each.

The All-State list has been released. A profile of each team member can be seen on the Bassmaster website. Laura Ann Foshee of Alabama is the only female All-State team member represented.


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B.A.S.S. Announces All-State High School Fishing Team