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Turkey Stalking in Kentucky [VIDEO]

Turkey Hunting in Kentucky

Turkey hunting in Kentucky doesn’t get much better than this.

If you have ever been turkey hunting in Kentucky, or anywhere for that matter, you probably know the pains of sitting for hours and hours trying to decide whether to stick it out and hunt your spot or get up and chase the birds.

These two guys turkey hunting in Kentucky decided to capture their hunt perfectly on film.

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While not every turkey hunt is going to be successful, this video goes to show that sometimes getting up and stalking can be worth it. Of course, the more research and the more scouting you do on your land the better equipped you will be to make the decision to stalk or wait.

Either way, knowing how to call turkeys will make your chances of a successful turkey hunt even greater.

Whether you are turkey hunting in Kentucky or any other state, this video can give you some great insight into the decision-making process, and a great way to execute the plan that you decide on.

Turkey hunting is not all about sitting and waiting. Just like deer hunting, some of the most fun and exciting hunts come from the chances you take when you leave the blind.

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Turkey Stalking in Kentucky [VIDEO]