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Awesome Traditional British Pheasant Hunting [VIDEO]

traditional pheasant hunting

Even if you have been pheasant hunting, chances are you’ve never been on an awesome traditional British pheasant hunting trip.

If you have gone pheasant hunting, you know it is an amazing experience. And, like any other experience, the more effort you put into it, the better results you will get.

Check out this video of a recent traditional British pheasant hunting trip in Wolseley Park, in Staffordshire, England. This, from a series called “Great British Shooting,” shows just how awesome traditional pheasant hunting can be.

Initially it can seem a bit over-ceremonial, but when you really think about it you will see that this is a big part of what makes traditional British pheasant hunting so fun.

The interaction between the the hunters and those who are driving, or beating as they call it, and then the celebratory glass of wine before “beer o’clock” all go to show that there is a good time to be had by all involved.

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Awesome Traditional British Pheasant Hunting [VIDEO]