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Awesome Steel Target Shooting With 3 Calibers [VIDEO]

This video of a steel target shooting exercise illustrates the differences between three calibers.

Watch this sharpshooter practice a steel target shooting exercise with three different calibers.

First up, it’s the 9mm Sphinx SDP. Next, it’s the .40 S&W HK USP. Finally, it’s a .45 ACP Springfield MCO.

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This steel target shooting exercise was executed with near perfection. It’s hard to say which round performed best; they all look like winners.

The 9mm Sphinx and the .40 S&W HK USP certainly move the targets, but that .45 ACP Springfield MCO just whips them right around to the other side.

The next time you go steel target shooting, bring a couple of different calibers and observe the differences for yourself.

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Awesome Steel Target Shooting With 3 Calibers [VIDEO]