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Awesome Slow Motion KWA KZ.61 Skorpion Fire Rate Test [VIDEO]

You’re not going to believe the KWA KZ.61 Skorpion’s impressive fire rate until you’ve seen it for yourself. 

Watch this test firing of the KAW KZ.61 Skorpion, in which the shooter uses a 40-round magazine.

The instant reply illustrates more vividly this airsoft gun’s rapid fire rate. The slow-motion portion of the video was shot at 10 percent speed.

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This weapon has a relatively high fire rate for a gas blowback airsoft gun, and its smaller design is ideal for close-quarter combat situations. Additional features include a folding stock, an ambidextrous charging knob and two select-fire modes.

For your own KWA KZ.61 Skorpion, click here.

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Awesome Slow Motion KWA KZ.61 Skorpion Fire Rate Test [VIDEO]