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Awesome Quadcopter FPV Films Big Buck [VIDEO]

Drones are changing how we view the world these days, and this awesome quadcopter footage is no exception.

As more and more remote-controlled flying objects with video recording capabilities populate the skies, people are finding innovative ways to capture unparalleled views of the world.

Hunters are using drones and quadcopters to gain a better perspective of the field and this pilot gives his viewers an amazing FPV of a big buck.


If you’ve ever tried to fly one of these quadcopters yourself, you’ll know that they’re not easy to navigate, much less film a deer in the fields. This pilot should be applauded for his excellent flying, reconnaissance, and landing skills.

Many hunters feel quadcopters like this give an unfair advantages to the hunter and take away from the natural beauty of the hunt. Drones are a popular topic in the hunting world right now.

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Awesome Quadcopter FPV Films Big Buck [VIDEO]