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Awesome North Carolina Duck Hunting with GoPro [VIDEO]

Step into the driver’s seat for this awesome North Carolina duck hunting compilation, shot with a GoPro. 

Filmed with a GoPro, this video documents one excellent year of North Carolina duck hunting, compilation style.

Watch this North Carolina duck hunting crew execute some of their best harvests in truly breath-taking settings.

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It looks like these guys certainly had a fun year, as they went layout hunting, blind hunting, and marsh hunting. The GoPro documented some epic scenery and legendary kill shots that only North Carolina duck hunting can provide.

One of the boats featured in the video was the Ambusher Layout Boat built by Terry Rose with Core Sound Layout Boats.

Next time you go hunting bring your GoPro and capture the thrill of duck hunting for all to see. And if you happen to be doing some North Carolina duck hunting, you better remember to bring your fake beard.

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Awesome North Carolina Duck Hunting with GoPro [VIDEO]