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Awesome Lake Michigan Time Lapse Captures Life on Bottom of the Lake

Watch the fascinating changes on the lake bottom from June through September. 

Some scientists curious about what happens on a day-to-day basis at the bottom of a lake decided to set up a time lapse to record just that. The result is a fascinating 3-minute video that gives a pretty cool look into a world that for the most part, is relatively unseen.

Watch the algae blooms and fish movement, along with the changes in water clarity as the lake moves from June to September. It’s an interesting look at a hidden environment.

This footage was shot off Shorewood, Wisconsin by the scientific team at Great Lakes Ecosystem. The camera was 30 feet down according to This footage represents a frame shot every hour. The purpose is to study the growth of an algae called cladophora.

That’s the green mess you see on the rocks, which by the way, are also covering up invasive zebra and quagga mussels. The scientists are hoping their research can also help deal with outbreaks of avian botulism that have killed many birds in the Great Lakes Region.

As an angler, this is some fascinating stuff to watch how the water clarity conditions change day by day. I’d be curious to know what causes massive movements in alewives baitfish on some days as opposed to others.



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Awesome Lake Michigan Time Lapse Captures Life on Bottom of the Lake