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The Secret Life of a Tom: Awesome GoPro Turkey Hunt in Alabama [VIDEO]


The footage people get with a GoPro never cease to amaze; you need to see the footage these guys got down in Alabama.

GoPro cameras have introduced a whole new level of being able to share experiences. These cameras, in the right hands, allow people to capture some really creative and unique footage. These turkey hunters in Alabama are some of those people.

This hunting team decided to try their luck hunting the woods of some swampland. They have two GoPro cameras rolling to capture their hunt of a really nice tom. This video will really get you going for turkey season as well as get your brain rolling for creative ways to film them.

Even though the first half of this video displays some very nice calling and textbook timing on the kill shot, my favorite part was the second half. It is really cool to see a tom that close up gearing himself up to scrap.

It is a genius idea to place a camera on your decoys to get those close-up shots. We got to see every bit of that tom in all his glory before being taken. You will also never get that close to hear the subtle, but threatening noises they make to try to run other turkeys out of their area.

Watching footage like this can make us all better hunters, and help us understand our game of choice a little better.

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The Secret Life of a Tom: Awesome GoPro Turkey Hunt in Alabama [VIDEO]