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Awesome Fishing Video Games to Play [PICS]

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Constantly fine tune your fishing skills with these fun and challenging fishing video games.

When you are at home and have the fishing itch but can’t get out on the water, bring the water to you!

These fishing video games will challenge and tune up your fishing skills from the seat of your couch. Try them out and see which one relates most to your real life fishing experiences.

The Strike – Xbox 360, Wii


The Strike” is a great fishing game for the professional and amateur angler. It is challenging and you need to use some skill in order to succeed at the game.

The Xbox version of the game comes with a controller rod that simulates tension when you cast or get a bite to make it feel like you are really fishing.

Rapala Trophies – PlayStation Portable


What makes “Rapala Trophies” a great fishing video game is the controls. The reel and cast controls are easy to use, yet challenging to master to keep you interested. The camera angle also keeps the game interesting. Once your lure hits the water, the camera dives into the water with it giving you a close-up view of your bait in the water and potential bites.

The game has different modes including and arcade mode, time trial mode, and tournament mode and lets you fish in a variety of locations.

Pro Fishing Challenge – Xbox 360

World Fishing

Pro Fishing Challenge” is a great game for the real angler. It is more realistic than most other fishing video games.

What makes it so realistic is that you can customize your entire look much like you are getting dressed for a day out fishing. You can also choose from many different types of gear like lures, riggings, rods, and more.

“Pro Fishing Challenge” provides many different locations for you to fish at.

Sega Bass Fishing – Dreamcast, Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

World Fishing

Sega Bass Fishing” originally came out in 1999. Although the graphics are a bit outdated, today’s Wii, PlayStation, and Xbox versions have new updates that keep the game fresh.

If you have the opportunity to play the original Dreamcast version, you will find endless enjoyment using the Dreamcast fishing controller. It is the best accessory of any fishing game and you can try and shake and wiggle your lure to attract and tempt fish.

No other fishing video game has ever received as much positive feedback from players as “Sega Bass Fishing” has when the game first came out.

Reel Fishing: Angler’s Dream – Wii

reel fishing

Angler’s Dream” is appropriately named because it focuses on the angler’s adventure and that once-in-a-lifetime dream catch.

You can fish for over 40 fresh and saltwater species in locations from streams and lakes to tropical beaches.

When you are not fishing, you can relax in the lodge, gain tips from the Fishing Master, care for the fish you caught in the aquarium, and check out prizes you win along the way.

You can also play with up to four of your angler friends in the game’s versus mode.

Choose one, two, or all these games to play and try out your virtual fishing skills. You may just learn a trick or two from the game that will help you hook a big one out on the water.

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Awesome Fishing Video Games to Play [PICS]