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5 Awesome Fishing Spots In Utah

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Check out these fishing spots in Utah for a truly great experience.

Utah is not one of the Western states more commonly known for its great fishing. However, excellent trout fishing can be found almost anywhere in the state, if you know where to look.

These five spots are proven honey-holes where people of all skill levels can bring fish to hand.

1. Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam

Utah's stretch of the Green River is world famous. Boasting trout populations of 10-15,000 fish per mile in the first section of the river, the Green is home to some of the best trout fishing in the west.

Fishing from a driftboat is the most popular form here, but wade fishing can be accomplished as well. The Green can be an infuriatingly hard river to fish, but if you hit the river during its famed cicada or yellow sallie hatch, you'll be an incredibly happy fisherman.

2. The High Uintas

uintasUtah's Uinta mountains are some of the most rugged, beautiful, and remote mountains in the West.

This section of the Rockies is home to thousands of lakes, creeks, and streams. Each basin in the Uinta mountains has enough water to keep even the most adventurous of anglers occupied.

The Uintas are home to cutthroat, rainbow, brook, and tiger trout, as well as arctic grayling. If you're looking for solitude and fast fishing, the Uintas are the place for you.

3. Sand Hollow

For those of you interested in bass fishing, Utah has an exceptional bass fishery in the southwestern corner of the state. Sand Hollow produces great bass fishing for largemouth all year long, and is located right next to St. George and Zion National Park, both very popular travel destinations.

In between breaks from fishing, you can catch a play at Tuacahn or climb some rocks in Zion.

4. Yuba Reservoir

Yuba Reservoir

Yuba used to be the place to go for big walleye in Utah; while walleye are still kicking around here, the big draw now is the introduced northern pike.

Pike reach record sizes in this lake, with the current 26lb. state record pulled from Yuba.

Yellow perch and carp are also abundant in this reservoir, located in central Utah.

5. Strawberry Reservoir

Strawberry is home to the Bear Lake strain of the Bonneville cutthroat trout, as well as rainbow trout and kokanee salmon. The rainbow trout stocked in Strawberry are sterile so they won't crossbreed with the cutthroat, and these triploid fish grow big much faster than normal diploid trout, meaning lots of bigger fish for anglers.

Rumors always abound of a few brook trout being in the reservoir as well, and seeing as they populate the Strawberry River below the reservoir, it's a possibility. The kokanee salmon provide great, fast fishing in June too.

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Do you have any experience fishing in Utah? Have some favorite spots of your own? Share them here and this post as well! 

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5 Awesome Fishing Spots In Utah