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Awesome Dog Rescues Baby Bird Struggling to Stay Afloat [VIDEO]

It’s just another reason why we love our pooches so much; without hesitation this dog rescues a baby bird in distress, and brings it to shore.

It takes a special dog to recognize that this little bird was not going to make it without some help, and he did a great job jumping in to help.

After spotting a baby bird struggling to stay afloat, a dog jumped into the water and managed to save the day after grabbing a hold of the little guy. This dog is a true hero.

Watch as the dog swims back to shore with the bird held gently in its mouth so he doesn’t hurt it.

That’s a dog with great instincts.

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He swims right back to his owner and lays the little bird down right in front of him, just like a good dog should.

It’s always nice to see videos that have a happy ending, and anytime an animal shows true compassion to an animal in need, it makes it even better.

Good dog.

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Awesome Dog Rescues Baby Bird Struggling to Stay Afloat [VIDEO]