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You Need This Awesome Big Bass Tip for Your Local Lake

Having trouble locating big bass this season? Check out this awesome tip to help you trigger strikes on your local waters!

A few weeks after bass spawn, they begin the process of guarding the eggs and eventually the fry that hatch. These big bass are typically males and are there to prevent other predators like bluegill and catfish from feeding on the defenseless fry. This presents a great time to target these bass as they will readily attack any bait that begins to disturb their young.

Check out this video from Lake Fork Guy as he explains all you need to know to put this information into practice on your local lake.

A small fluke or small jerk bait seems to get the job done quite well during this unique scenario. Zoom is just one of the companies that make great products for targeting these very defensive largemouth bass. Keep in mind, it is important to choose a bait that darts side to side in an erratic motion. This helps to simulate a fish shooting through the school of fry while picking of the unlucky ones as it goes. This side to side movement is usually enough to stimulate a strike from the larger bass below.

For more great video tips be sure to follow the Lake Fork Guy on Youtube. If you are already familiar with his channel then out there and give it a try. Oh, and don't be shy to tell your friends about this great bass fishing opportunity as well. I am sure they will appreciate it.


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You Need This Awesome Big Bass Tip for Your Local Lake