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Awakening: 4 Months Camping in New Zealand [VIDEO]

New Zealand! Exotic animals, beautiful locales, incredible vistas! Some say it’s the closest thing to on Earth to what Heaven must look like.

Whether it’s heavenly or not is up to argument, but the beauty that New Zealand holds is far beyond doubt.

This video is the time-lapsed story of four months camping underneath the stars in the beautiful national parks od New Zealand. New Zealand is a land full of unique animals and landscape.

It’s a land unlike any other. Even it’s neighbor, Australia, can’t compare to the mysteries New Zealand holds.

The remoteness of New Zealand has caused it to be one of the last inhabited islands in the south Pacific. This same remoteness is what has brought the unique biodiversity that has come to represent the wilds of this isolated haven.

Settled by Polynesians in the 13th century, it was unknown to Europeans until 1642 when Dutch explorer, Abel Tasman first spotted it. The 900-mile sea that separates New Zealand from Australia was named for this explorer ( Tasman Sea) as well as a small island nearby known as Tasmania.

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Awakening: 4 Months Camping in New Zealand [VIDEO]