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Avoid Smash and Grab Gun Theft from Your Vehicle Cheaply and Effectively [VIDEO]

Lower the chance of gear and gun theft from your vehicle without breaking the bank. Here are some affordable and downright cheap ideas.

Most thefts of gear from automobiles are quick "smash and grab" types of incidents. A thief will usually simply smash a window and grab whatever he can quickly and easily reach.

Use this tendency to your advantage by making a thief struggle to get something or even require special tools to free your gun, laptop, bug out bag or other valuable gear.

Anything that makes a bad guy's job harder or take more time may be enough to dissuade him altogether.

Chains and steel cables are relatively cheap. Add a sturdy padlock and you've got an inexpensive, pretty solid security system for preventing a "thief of opportunity" from running off with your gun.

There are a number of spots in your vehicle that are accessible to a chain or steel cable. Look for metal attachments that are bolted solidly to your car or truck's frame.

Seat mounts, where the seat is bolted to the floor, are usually the most obvious locations. These are the anchor points you need to take advantage of.

Feed a chain or cable through these anchor points and through your gun. Lock the chain or cable to itself and that's it.

Seat mounts are also good because the seats themselves offer a place to "hide" your stuff. Even if the area beneath a seat is an obvious hiding place, simply keeping things out of view from the outside of your vehicle can turn away a potential thief. If he can't see it he may decide not to even try to break into your car.

Here's another video that discusses some of the same methods and one or two additional ones.

Note: A bit of strong language here.


A method or system both of the speakers recommend is the use of items from Pacsafe, an anti-theft travel security company. They sell cable and heavy-duty wire mesh-lined bags designed specifically to hold valuables and inhibit their theft.

Pacsafe makes everything from slash-proof camera bags and backpacks to wire mesh security bags that can hold cameras, handguns, laptops and even large backpacks and more.

These security measures can also be viable anti-theft and safety options for securing your firearms and valuables at home, especially if expensive gun safes are out of reach financially.

No security of anti-theft system is 100 percent foolproof. But modest steps such as those shown here can greatly decrease the likelihood of some creep stealing your guns or gear, and possibly using those weapons to do harm to others.

It's your responsibility to do what you can to secure your weapons.

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Avoid Smash and Grab Gun Theft from Your Vehicle Cheaply and Effectively [VIDEO]