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AVEX's FreeFlow Water Bottle Will Change the Way You Hydrate

The worst feeling in the world is opening up your pack to find that your water bottle has somehow unscrewed itself and leaked everywhere.

That means you're out of water, but also that whatever else in your bag is ruined or soaked, too. Combine maps or books with this unfortunate incident and you've got a real hiking disaster on your hands.

That's why the FreeFlow water bottle is perfect because these problems are eliminated. AVEX sent us one to try out, and it caused us to look into the company a little more. Apparently they'd snuck under our radar and quickly became a leading hydration system brand covering a wide range of needs.


The best part of the FreeFlow's design is that it's super easy to clean; the Drop Down lid feature that also makes it impossible to spill makes it a cinch to wash. The lid locks with a cross-bolt locking mechanism that also controls the AUTOSEAL button to keep it from accidentally being pushed.

The AUTOSEAL also allows you to consume about 20 percent more water than you would with a standard water bottle because it seals the contents so well. The best part of the bottle, however, is that it's dishwasher safe.

Popping it in and out of the dishwasher takes less than five seconds since the lid feature is interchangeable between AVEX Hydration series bottles. If I'm in a pinch, I can pop the lid on my other Hydration series bottle and be ready to rock.


And yes, they've got camo versions of their water bottles. What more could a deer or duck hunter need?

If you're in the market for a new water bottle, your search should basically start and end here with the AVEX FreeFlow. You won't be disappointed and all of the contents of your hiking pack will always be dry, guaranteed.

AVEX also supplied us with an insulated pint glass, the ideal way to toast a successful hike or fishing trip. Complete with a closable lid and secure seal, the pint glasses are genius, and definitely rival the best in the game of keeping drinks warm and cold. Though you couldn't pour a beer and toss this one in your bag, it's still great for bringing along when you have the space and the cold/warm drink to begin with. It'll make it last, that's for sure.


Bottom line, AVEX is bringing new hydration vessels to the forefront of out lives, and doing it in smart, inventive ways. There are tons of products to look through at AVEX's website, and their social media accounts are well worth a follow.


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AVEX's FreeFlow Water Bottle Will Change the Way You Hydrate