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Avery Young: Auburn Footballer Knows How to Work Hard, Fish Harder

Avery Young is tough on the field and on the water.

Avery Young is a powerhouse on the offensive line for Auburn University, there is no denying it. It may be a little less-known that he is also a power house on the water. Fishing is a passion for Young, he said. “I can’t compare it to anything. It’s like that feeling when we got that kick six against Alabama last year.” 

It’s also nothing new to Avery who caught the bug young (no pun intended) with his older brother Willie, defensive end for the Chicago Bears. Growing up in Florida, five minutes from the ocean, 50 yards from a canal and with a pond out back, the boys were always on the water. As soon as Willie got his license, they would pick a blue spot on the map and fish, often getting in trouble for staying on the water too long.


To this day, the brothers remain inseparable. Even though they are far apart, they still find time to talk on the phone 10-12 times a week, even during football season.

You don’t fish Florida this long without having a few wild tales, and Avery Young has his fare share from wrestling gators to hooking a hammerhead. Young brings this same toughness and determination to the field, where he has been known to fight through an injury to help his team get the win. He played the entire national title game last year after breaking his hand on the first play.

“That’s the type of guy I want to go to war with. I know Avery is going to fight until he can’t fight any more…” said Tiger’s safety, Joshua Holsey.

Avery Young spent his one week off on the water. His brother says, “We don’t go to bars, we don’t go to clubs, fishing is all we’ve ever needed.”

Avery has the size, explosiveness, speed and versatility that could make him a hot commodity when he enters the NFL draft. In a time when NFL players are making headlines for all the wrong reasons, we could use a few more setting this kind of example for young fans.

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Avery Young: Auburn Footballer Knows How to Work Hard, Fish Harder