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Avenging Groundhog Day with Keith Warren for an Extended Winter


These sharpshooters want to seek revenge on Punxsutawney Phil for seeing his shadow on Groundhog Day

Keith Warren of Freedom Munitions in Lewiston, Idaho shared this video with the intent of drawing shooters to the popularity of prairie dog hunting. This small game hunting past time provides ample opportunities for challenging, small, moving targets.

Warning: this video contains graphic prairie dog hunting shots.

Maybe you’ve already grown tired of those six weeks of extended winter cold, and maybe the El Nino effect has warmed the air to the point that you’re looking for other outdoor activities to explore. Either way, this shooting display of “whack a mole” is a great introduction to the sport, and surely far from the monotony of Bill Murray’s film, “Groundhog Day.”

An abundance of targets in the shooting range behaving in an unpredictable, and often erratic manner, offer the shooter a chance to practice becoming quick and decisive with their shots. Breathing exercises

As a prairie dog curiously pokes it’s head up out of it’s hidey hole, one of the shooters in the film says, “I’ve had somebody listening to me this whole time, and I’m fixing to let him know what I’ve been talking about.”

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Avenging Groundhog Day with Keith Warren for an Extended Winter