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Is the Automatic Holster the Future of Gun Carry? [VIDEO]

The Automatic Holster allows the user to carry a pistol without the chamber being loaded, but it is still quick to get into the fight.

This nifty idea can get your pistol with an unloaded chamber loaded quick thanks to the self-cocking holster feature.

This revolutionary design may change the way many carry their service and concealed carry pistols. Watch this video and make your decision on what is quicker.


Some law enforcement or military agencies at times have required that their sidearm pistols be carried inside the holster and have an empty chamber, though a loaded magazine is usually in the weapon. Bringing the pistol from the resting place inside the holster, racking the pistol to load a live cartridge into the chamber, and then engaging the target has had problems with excessive time delays.

This holster, named the Automatic Holster, is actually used to help the shooter load the pistol and draw with a quick one-handed motion.

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Is the Automatic Holster the Future of Gun Carry? [VIDEO]