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A Look Back at the Tommy Gun as Auto-Ordnance Issues 100th Anniversary Set


A limited edition matched set Tommy Gun and 1911 A1 package is available.

The Chicago Typewriter, Trench Broom, Tommy Gun. Whatever you call them, the rifles engineered by General John T. Thompson are truly pieces of iconic American history. Thompson, who left the Army in 1914 to devote his life to producing a fully automatic weapon, had a long history with firearms and weaponry.

The son of a Civil War Lt. Colonel and West Point graduate, Thompson followed quickly in his father's footsteps. After graduating from West Point, Thompson spent time studying engineering and artillery, eventually landing himself a role in the Army Ordnance Department in 1890. Thompson spent his career in the Army researching and experimenting with new and unusual firearms in an attempt to arm troops with more capable weapons.

By 1916, after leaving the military to focus solely on firearms development, Thompson found himself as the Chief Engineer at Remington Arms. It was while at Remington that Thompson developed a rifle that would make quick work of clearing enemy trenches, known as the "Trench Broom".

This gun was the beginning of what is now known world-over as the Thompson submachine gun, or Tommy Gun. A favorite of both the military and main street mobsters, the Tommy Gun was finally patented in 1920 after WWI had concluded. Thompson died in 1940, shortly before the dawning of WWII, during which the U.S. Army used a large quantity of his popular gun.

100th Anniversary Tommy Gun/1911 Package. Photo Credit: Auto Ordnance
Auto Ordnance

Auto Ordnance, which was founded by Thompson and now operates out of Worcester, MA, has decided to honor the legacy and the legend of General Thompson and the 100th Anniversary of the Tommy Gun by offering a limited release matched Tommy Gun and 1911 A1 package.


Officially the Thompson 1927A-1 Deluxe Carbine, the limited edition Tommy Gun is available only in .45 ACP. The 13 pound matte black rifle includes the classic Thompson logo, limited edition numbering and 100th Anniversary engravings. Included in the matched set is a Thompson 1911 A1 GI Specs pistol with a similar set up.

The 8.5" pistol also includes matching markings to its Tommy Gun partner, and the two weapons are only available if purchased as a set. The MSRP of the set is $1,971. The two guns are shipped as a single package in a custom hard case with the name "Chicago Typewriter" stamped on the cover.


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A Look Back at the Tommy Gun as Auto-Ordnance Issues 100th Anniversary Set