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Authorities Searching for Deadly Gaboon Viper in Georgia [VIDEO]


Georgia officials are worried about an escaped snake with deadly venom that can kill in 15 minutes

Georgia Department of Natural Resources officials are doing two to three patrols a day searching for deadly snake in the Milledgeville area.

The snake, which is native to Africa, is so deadly, the only place nearby that has antivenom is at the Atlanta Zoo. Depending on the person, the snake’s venom could possibly kill in as little as 15 minutes, which means a shipment of the antivenom would likely not arrive in time.

It’s currently unclear exactly how the highly venomous snake ended up in the area, but residents are concerned and on high alert for the viper.

“It shocked the whole neighborhood. You know, it’s a dangerous thing,” resident Freddie Hartry told reporters. “Right now, the neighborhood, they’re still watching, they still looking.”

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Authorities Searching for Deadly Gaboon Viper in Georgia [VIDEO]