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Toby L. Walrath is an Outdoor Writer and fur trapper living in western Montana where the mountains provide ample opportunity for year round hunting and fishing adventures. Toby is the President of the Montana Trappers Association (MTA); Field Director for the United States Sportsman’s Alliance, Chairman for the Montanan’s for Effective Wildlife Management and sits on the Citizens Advisory Council for Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks. He earned an A.S. in Wilderness Recreation in 1997 followed by a B.A. in Environmental Science Resource Management and Planning but his best education was attained by learning woodsman craft from his father at a young age. He has written for dozens of outdoor publications and is the author of the book; “Wild Pride Montana, A Trappers Journey”. He was also the host for “Wild Traditions” a popular hunting video dedicated to traditional bow hunting. Toby teaches Trapping and Bowhunting classes and received the MTA “Trapper of the Year” award in 2012. In 2014 he received the Whitfield Award for Bowhunter Education Excellence, the National Trappers Association’s “Presidents Leadership Award” and was inducted into the MTA Hall of Fame. He's dedicated to preserving outdoor people and places through words and photographs.