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I was raised in an outdoor family. Since I could walk I have been roaming the forests and streams of northern New Jersey at the base of High Point State Park. My father instilled the love of conservation in me at a young age and it has only grown stronger and more passionate as I have grown up. I am a die-hard bow hunter, although every year I pick up the slug gun and rifle when the seasons turn and follow our family’s traditions. I have been blessed to be able to hunt and fish all over the United States and even more blessed to not only have a wife that understands my outdoor addiction, but shares it. Our honeymoon was a fly fishing adventure in Cody, Wyoming and Red Lodge, Montana. Family is the most important thing in my life and being able to share the outdoor experiences with them makes it that much sweeter. Every year when I enter the field I am looking forward to new memories, learning and putting my knowledge and skills to the test to ultimately make me the best outdoorsman I can be