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Charisa Argys lives in the Colorado high country, where she's very privileged to have a view of the Collegiate Peaks right outside her front door. She was 3 years old when she went on her first hunting adventure with her father, and has been hooked ever since. When she was 5 her father bought her first fishing pole (it wasn’t one of those "Snoopy" poles, either), which was full sized with an open faced reel. “If you are going to learn to fish, you better learn the correct way to begin with” he told her. Her first rifle was a .270 Remington ADL and it kicked like a mule, but it was accurate and, up until recently, the only gun she ever used. She's have hunted deer, elk, antelope, coyote, mountain lion, raccoon, bear and turkey. She's been successful with some, while others still elude her. She recently picked up mushroom hunting and learned that she absolutely loves it, and found it to be very challenging to find the coveted King Boletus.