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Adam Fidler is a recent graduate of the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. He is very knowledgeable of everything having to do with camping and the outdoors. Adam enjoys spending his weekends on his boat, taking long fishing trips out to the deep ocean to tackle tuna and mackerel. In 2009, while taking a safari in South Africa, Adam's group encountered a badly injured lion cub, barely clinging to life. They stayed longer than they meant to and looked after the cub, and when it was finally deemed healthy enough to return, they witnessed its release, back into the wild. With an eye for adventure, Adam has teamed up with a private group of biologists and researchers who intend to search and study strange and rare flora and fauna in the Ecuadorian rainforest. Adam aims to detail his travels through the Amazon, and reveal all of its hidden wonders and mysteries. In his articles, Adam’s refreshing take on the outdoors offers a unique insight into how to approach your own adventures, and helps when deciding on what you need to bring along.