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More Australians Are Bringing Home ‘Canned Hunting’ Trophies from Africa

Herald Sun

Tourists from Australia are bringing home 100 animals a year from their ‘Canned Hunting’ African excursions. 

Australian tourists are participating in “Canned Hunting” adventures in Africa, and many of them have been bringing their trophies home.

Many of the species harvested in these “Canned Hunting” excursions between 2010-2013 were on the endangered species list. The Department of Environment issued 280 permits to these hunters, allowing them to bring back their stuffed trophies.

The hunters bringing back these “Canned Hunting” trophies may soon have to leave certain game in Africa. Environment Minister Greg Hunt and Victorian MP Jason Wood are making strides to outlaw the import of lions killed on African “Canned Hunting” safaris, and are expected to announce the ban on March 13.

This ban on importing lions is the first of its kind in the world. Some species can still be brought home with a government issued permit, due to a measure protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

Some hunters pay about $75,000 to hunt and kill these wild African animals on “Canned Hunting” farms in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. “Canned Hunting” can be described as drawing in tame animals with meat which are then harvested by hunters waiting with rifles and crossbows.

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More Australians Are Bringing Home ‘Canned Hunting’ Trophies from Africa