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Australian Hunter Survives 6 days in the Outback by Eating Ants [PICS]

Pictures via MSN

An Australian hunter in pursuit of camel became lost in the Outback and survived six days without food or water.

Reg Foggerdy, a 62-year-old hunter, disappeared near Lake Ransom Road late Wednesday last week. He was finally found six days later under a tree nine miles from where he started.

Andy Greatwood, police superintendent from the Western Australia State Police said “He just spent the last two days under a tree eating black ants and that sustained him. When we found him, he was extremely dehydrated, disoriented and basically delusional.”


Foggerdy and his brother had been driving back to their hunting camp, which is some 110 miles east of the town of Laverton, after a day of camel hunting when he went missing.

At the time, he was wearing only shorts, a T-shirt, flip-flops, and a cap.

Temperatures in the area can reach near 100 degrees.

Greatwood said, “It was probably good will and a miracle that he survived as long as he did under those conditions with no water.”

Camels came to Australia sometime in the 19th century as pack animals and now number in the hundreds of thousands in the Outback.

Hunting in western Australia is limited to taking feral animals (such as camels) on private property and with the landowner’s permission.

Only a current firearms license is required and there is no permit or fee for persons over the age of 18.

Pictures via MSN

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Australian Hunter Survives 6 days in the Outback by Eating Ants [PICS]